“I have known Helena Amos for many years. She is a seasoned ( over twenty years) well educated practitioner with extensive medical background.  It is rare to find in one person conventional medicine knowledge with Oriental and Alternative Medicine skills. Helena Amos is well educated and really cares!”
Peter Jonson.

“I hardly could walk or sit when I started my treatments with Helena Amos. I was amazed how fast my back pain and spasms were gone! She is very knowledgeable in her field. I highly recommend Helena Amos to all my friends and colleagues.”
Dr. J. S., Rockville, MD

 “I came to see Ms. Helena Amos because I had severe rashes on my skin. I knew that I was sensitive to something, but doctors general medications didn’t help. After just 4 treatments my rashes are gone. My digestion is 100% better and I know how to balance my diet and what’s good for me to eat or avoid. Thank you so much, Helena Amos! I feel great!”
H.Lauren, MD

“My son was very allergic to eggs. Even touching it would make him itch. Now he is eating eggs without any problem. I like the natural approach to allergy treatments. It really works!”
R.F., Bethesda, MD

 “Helena Amos cured my food allergies, no one could do it before!”
Vikky B.

 “I started treatments with Helena Amos after exhausting all options of Western medicine to treat severe irritable bowel syndrome. I was amazed how fast I started to feel better. I have become much more aware about my digestive function, food sensitivities, candida issues. With the help of acupuncture, proper diet and natural supplements – I’m pain free and full of energy!”

 “I was skeptical about alternative approach to menopausal symptoms. But after Helena Amos educated me on the way hormones worked, I agreed to do that. Acupuncture and natural medicine helped me to overcome major hormonal imbalances and adrenal issues. I followed Helena Amos’ instructions and took what she recommended. I lost all my weight and my depression is gone!”
Jacky O., VA

 “I like Helena Amos’s holistic approach to health. She treated my arthritis successfully. It is almost gone and no pain! And all my indigestion and food allergies are so much better! Apparently it is all connected.”
I. K.

 “I lost 18 pounds in 4 months following detoxification and food sensitivity protocol. No yo-yo diet, no starving. I was energized and let it happen gradually by just eliminating foods I am allergic to and cleansing my body under supervision of very experienced Helena Amos. She really cares!” L.K.

“Me and my friend has been loyal customers of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine Clinic for several years. We enjoy a warm friendly environment, professionalism and great results! We highly recommend that place for natural approach to health and beauty…”
Mila D

I rely on European organic facials. I do it once a month. My skin never looked better!” Tatiana L

After series of infrared wraps and electrotherapy I really feel more toned and healthier. We also discussed dietary choices and supplements. Very helpful!” Jean R

“I like very holistic approach of this clinic from pure esthetic treatments to created nutritional protocols and acupuncture.  I referred two of my friends and they both see a lot of improvements.” Dianne B.