Weight Loss and Acupuncture


Discover a new healthy lifestyle with our successful and highly effective therapy. Auricular and body acupuncture is extremely effective with weight loss. We also use food allergies/cravings elimination and natural detoxification to regulate metabolism and to achieve long term effects. Our biofeedback and food sensitivity elimination system allows you to achieve great weight loss and fitness results.


DetoxificationWhile on this therapy, patients – whatever their underlying problem – routinely develop a variety of symptoms, most commonly described as “flu-like,” such as muscle aches and pains or malaise. “Detoxification” refers to procedures such as herbal and homeopathic drainage remedies to release all matter of waste material and encourage the body’s repair processes.

We use  specific organ detoxification formulas. Each patient receives an individual prescription according to the test findings. There are drainage remedies for lymph, liver, lungs, colon, small intestine, kidneys and more.

We use allergy elimination formulas for food allergies like dairy, eggs, nuts, wheat, gluten, sugars, preservatives, shellfish and more. By eliminating those sensitivities your body cells stop being on allergy alert and it becomes easier for the patient to lose weight.


chronic fatigue

Many of our clients suffer from chronic fatigue due to lack of absorption of vital
vitamins/nutrients and/or poor elimination. We determine an individual biochemical profile for each person and add specifically what is missing.

A Food List is created for each person for successful weight loss and maintenance. Patients should avoid the food which created sensitivity and was determined by a food allergy test and biofeedback.

Diet: The prescribed diets are quite variable, and can range from nearly vegetarian to diets requiring animal protein several times a day depending on the metabolic type. Each patient receives individualized dietary recommendations. All the diets, however, require that the patient consume primarily organic foods, make and drink fresh vegetable juice, and avoid synthetic and refined foods such as white flour and white sugar.

Enzyme nutrition is the art and science of using nutrition to maintain homeostasis and health in the body. It works with the body’s innate intelligence to bring the body to optimal health using whole foods that contain protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, rather than trying to manipulate it by using chemical compounds that produce side effects.

Food enzymes are a natural and important component in our food supply, yet they are systematically removed to extend shelf-life. While shelf-life is necessary in our modern society, enzymes must be replaced, just as vitamins and minerals are. For example, when milk is pasteurized it depletes the vitamin A and D content as well as enzymes. The vitamins are added back in, but the enzymes are not. Enzymes are the construction workers of the body. Protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals are simply the building materials.

Every body is biochemically unique. Optimal health can only be attained when each person is viewed that way. Individuals cannot and should not be categorized or labeled to fit into a particular pharmaceutical paradigm. What is good for the general public is not necessarily good for the individual.