Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a complex disorder characterized by extreme fatigue that typically cannot be explained by any medical cause. Some believe the condition is triggered by a combination of factors that range from viral infections and/or weakened immune system to hormonal imbalances and/or stress. Furthermore, it doesn’t improve with rest, and may worsen with physical or mental activity.

When working to identify the root cause of the disorder, there are additional associated causes to take into consideration, including a history of mononucleosis or yeast infections; smoking; repeated or prolonged use of corticosteroids; unhealthy diet; dizziness and tinnitus; and exposure to environmental toxins.

The prevalence of CFS is diagnosed much more in women, most commonly in their 40s and 50s, although this could be more a function of women reporting symptoms more often than men rather than overall occurrence.

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Excessive fatigue can be a warning sign for many illnesses, making CFS difficult to diagnose. A conclusive diagnosis is reached more based on how long the associated symptoms persist, thereby meeting the following criteria:

1. Unexplained, constant weariness that is not as a result of sustained physical or emotional exertion and from which there is no recovery with rest; and

2. At least four of the accompanying common side effects are present for a half-year or more:

• Loss or impaired memory or concentration

• Unrefreshing sleep

• Unexplained muscle or joint pain, without swelling or redness

• Headaches

• Recurring sore throat

• Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck or armpits

• Extreme exhaustion lasting more than 24 hours after physical or mental exercise

Facial Signs of CFS

As a holistic and alternative medicine practitioner, Dr. Amos pays attention to her client’s face, which often exhibits indicators of health issues. She applies this diagnostic expertise to look for these signs associated with chronic fatigue syndrome:

• Dark circles under eyes

• Skin discoloration

• Canker sores

• Hair loss

Testing and Treatment

There is no single test to confirm a CFS diagnosis, but rather a series of analyses to rule out other conditions with similar symptoms. The approach to recovery is based on treatment of the symptoms present, breaking the cycle of triggering bad habits, and strengthening the immune system naturally through dietary adjustments and herbal supplements. Our Functional Medicine and holistic protocols are ideal for identifying underlying sources to your health concerns, and treating at the root for long-term, optimal health.

At our clinic, a specific treatment plan is designed to tackle each patient’s individual needs. For chronic fatigue syndrome, these methods include the following:


Allergy Elimination

Auriculotherapy Therapy


Colorpuncture for Kids



• Electro Dermal Screening

Food and Environment Sensitivity

Infrared Treatment

Ionic Foot Bath

Meridian/Organ Testing

Organ Detoxification & Restoration

Weight Loss and Nutrition Counseling