9People who have food sensitivities fear eating—that delicious-looking item might taste good, but they are afraid that it will cause painful or embarrassing symptoms later. Some patients even have symptoms that rise to the level of interfering with daily activities. These patients can’t eat out or enjoy social occasions because of their digestive issues and may even feel like they can’t eat anything because everything they eat bothers them somehow.

Our Food Sensitivity Program may be able to help. True food allergies are rare but can be life-threatening. But a growing number of patients find themselves struggling with food sensitivities and intolerances, not true food allergies. Food sensitivities occur as a result of a toxic, inflamed immune system and can often be stabilized through gastrointestinal healing and homeopathic symptom relief. The  Food Sensitivity Program is the ONLY protocol to combine these two powerful components into a program designed specifically for the most common food triggers. This program combines homeopathic dilutions of the substances to which patients have sensitivities with gut-healing products that ease patients through the process.

These new products can help relieve the symptoms that patients experience that are associated with these sensitivities.

DesBio Series Food Kits

DesBio Allergen Mixes


The DesBio Food Sensitivity Program is NOT for food allergies that result in extreme or life-threatening effects. If you know or suspect a patient has a true food allergy which may be life-threatening, do not use this program. The DesBio Food Sensitivity Program is intended to be completed only under the close supervision of a licensed healthcare practitioner and is not for any other use. Please contact for consultation and order Acupuncture and Natural Medicine Clinic (301)881-2898 Dr. Helena Amos.